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Try our Prefix WhoIs Web Proxy

This example query page is not for your production use and no automated querying is allowed. We provide tools on this site to make bulk queries, and we're happy to provide you with a higher query volume if you need to make more than a few thousand per day, just fill out the on-line form.

Simply enter a query into the form above. Prefix WhoIs will answer your query using the options you specify. Optionally, a combined query will augment the data Prefix WhoIs returns by additionally querying the appropriate registration authority and returning its results beneath the pWhoIs results.

Try Prefix WhoIs from your Command Line

Systems equipped with our WhoB whois client (get it here) can simply type:

$ whob | origin-as 3356 ( | LVLT-ORG-4-8

Or, a fancy version may look like:

$ whob -npr | origin-as 226 ( | radb-as 13361 | Internet Media Network 

To use pWhoIs with almost any whois client, simply point your favorite whois client to one of our global, public pWhoIs servers by querying host 'whois.pwhois.org'. For example:

$ whois -h whois.pwhois.org

Or get fancy and change the output type to RPSL or Cymru

$ whois -h whois.pwhois.org "type=rpsl"

Newer whois clients may require a syntax more like:

$ whois

To display a full explanation of the syntax and advanced features, simply ask for help:

$ whois -h whois.pwhois.org help

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