Documentation & Support

The Prefix WhoIs project has developed minimal documentation for its software. What we have is listed here.

Server Documentation

Client Documentation

Library Documentation

Documentation for our software libraries has not yet been developed. In the meantime, we suggest to your the header (.h) files which have been remarked and should be reasonably straightforward. Please check back soon.

Currently, the Prefix WhoIs project distributes vanilla C and PHP libraries for direct access to Prefix WhoIs. Our C library is also used by many developers to access a plethora of other whois registries as it contains many functions to do so.

  • C Library for pWhoIs - Full support for pWhoIs in bulk or single queries. Additionally, this library sup ports many other network-related registrars along with functions to automatically recursively dig until you get the information you'r e looking for. The most recent copy of the whois library (whois.c & whois.h) may be found in the latest distribution of Layer Four Traceroute.
  • PHP Library for pWhoIs - Minimal support for pWhoIs (work in progress). Requires PHP 5.x (sockets related).
  • PHP Library for RIPE NCC RISwhois - Reasonable support for resolving prefix and other information from RIPE NCC's RIS (work in progress). Requires PHP 5.x (sockets related).

Currently Nov 26th 2020, 3:58am GMT