The Prefix WhoIs Project Development Libraries

Currently, the Prefix WhoIs project distributes vanilla C and PHP libraries for direct access to Prefix WhoIs. Our C library is also used by many developers to access a plethora of other whois registries as it contains many functions to do so.

  • C Library for pWhoIs - Full support for pWhoIs in bulk or single queries. Additionally, this library supports many other network-related registrars along with functions to automatically recursively dig until you get the information you're looking for. The most recent copy of the whois library (whois.c & whois.h) may be found in the latest distribution of Layer Four Traceroute.
  • PHP Library for pWhoIs - Minimal support for pWhoIs (work in progress). Requires PHP 5.x (sockets related).
  • PHP Library for RIPE NCC RISwhois - Reasonable support for resolving prefix and other information from RIPE NCC's RIS (work in progress). Requires PHP 5.x (sockets related).

Currently Nov 26th 2020, 5:01am GMT