About the Prefix WhoIs Project

The Prefix WhoIs Project provides a whois-compatible client and server framework for disclosing various up-to-date routing information. Instead of using registrar-originated network information (which is often unspecific or inaccurate), Prefix WhoIs uses the Internet's global routing table as gleaned from a number of routing peers around the world.

The Prefix WhoIs project also operates a global network of public servers running a derivative of our Prefix WhoIs Server software. 100% of our network resources (servers, network transit, etc.) have been donated by public or private organizations. Many of our servers are operated by large Internet Service Providers. Our DNS and load balancing mechanisms are supplied by UltraDNS Corp. Some of our other sponsors are listed below.

CryptoCard ISC OARC PureGig Catbird CenterGate Research

Thanks and Acknowledgements

  • Thanks to our sponsors for their donations (see the list above)
  • Thanks to our pWhoIs mirror sites around the globe
  • Team Cymru for their contributions, including their idea for the first prefix-based whois server
  • Anyone who operates a looking glass or route-views server
Please contact us if you're interested in contributing in any way.

Currently Nov 26th 2020, 4:21am GMT